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Traffic to Your Site, From Social Media

As you can imagine, there are more ways than you might first think of in getting traffic to your website. This article aims to dive into what these strategies consist of and how to carry them out yourself, or with the help of us if you like.

Here are some more very effective strategies for driving traffic to your website; either via increasing search engine ranking (by creating backlinks from more important sites to yours) or "spreading awareness" about your brand / product / service in a social setting.

We can do so via creating an account with-

1. Facebook (Page for business / brand)

2. Instagram (Page for business / brand)

3. LinkedIn (Page for business / brand)

4. Twitter

5. Pinterest

6. Yahoo Answers

7. Wiki How

And while creating an account with a link to your site in the bio will greatly increase SEO alone, engaging with the communities on these platforms will also help create the relationships and trust sometimes needed for getting sales. 

Answering questions / responding to posts on Twitter, Yahoo Answers, and Wiki How can be particularly effective; as you're displaying your expertise on a particular subject, in turn gaining trust with the potential customer(s) while also providing value upfront by helping them with their question at hand. 

Pinterest can also be effective in posting ______ idea boards. Where you come up with and create visuals for ideas related to your line of work.

I'd be happy to create accounts with links for you for all or some of these platforms, and then of course leave it to you to engage and take advantage of them. Just head on over to the contact form, and let's start building those relationships.

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