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Landscaping Facebook Ads

Let's make no mistake. Finding the right advertising strategy for your landscaping business can and will be challenging nowadays. Not because there aren't enough options. Or because things are too competitive. But because there are too many options.

At some point in your landscaping journey, you may in fact discover that Facebook advertising may be a good advertising option to try for you and your landscaping business. Running landscaping facebook ads is, in fact a good option for you and your business if-

  1. You have a specific, ideal client avatar

  2. You have a budget of at least $300 / mo to spend

  3. None of your competitors are doing it

Facebook's Creepily Good Targeting Capabilities

Now, just to address the first point, you may or not be aware of Facebook's immense targeting capabilities. Maybe you've recently seen "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix, and you've now realized just how powerful Facebook can be for showing ads only to people who are bound to be interested in them.

With landscaping facebook ads, you're able to target people who have recently visited certain websites, have certain facebook interests, make a certain household income, and who live in a certain area as well. So, naturally, if you have a specific ideal client avatar, Facebook will be a great way to reach out to and connect with those people.

Be Prepared to Test, and Test Again

As it pertains to the second point, in that you probably need to be prepared to spend at least $300 / mo to see any kind of measurable success, this is mainly due to the fact that it's hard to say exactly what the response will be when you start running your landscaping facebook ads. More than likely, you will need to test a few different versions of your ads to find true success. This is why we recommend starting out with at least a $5/day advertising budget.

If you spend anything less than $5/day, there's a good chance you could just end up wasting your money, as you won't be able to properly test, and/or see how people react to what you're putting out there.

Landscaping Facebook Ads are Nearly Untouched

As a consulting agency who works specifically with landscaping and hardscaping professionals ourselves, we still, in 2020, come across very few landscaping / hardscaping professionals who actively use Facebook Ads to grow their small to medium sized businesses. Most are still using techniques such as Google Ads, SEO, or advertising with companies such as HomeAdvisor, Angie's List, Houzz, and related directories.

This means that, more often than not, people may have to spend a lot more on these kinds of platforms than they would with a nearly untouched platform such as Facebook Advertising to see real results.

If, by chance, you are thinking about testing a Facebook Advertisement for your landscaping business, be sure to take some kind of course, or consult with a professional before doing so. As one can, pretty quickly, end up wasting a whole lot of money if you're not entirely sure how to get a positive ROI (3-4x for the best ads) from Facebook advertising.

Don't forget- Golden Eye Media is able to offer marketing consulting, along with DFY marketing services for landscaping and hardscaping professionals alike. Be sure to get in touch for your first free strategy session via any of the contact forms on our site.

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