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How to Get Landscaping Customers

Getting landscaping customers in today's environment (which is one of more "noise" than usual) is challenging to say the least. Even though one's chances of success with a landscaping business have never been so high, who's to say the industry leaders can't just "eat up"most, if not all of the new demand in business to COVID-19? Cutting through all of the recent noise, all while simultaneously surpassing industry leaders from a marketing standpoint is what's necessary if you truly do want to reach your lofty revenue / business goals.

Now, talking about this concept is one thing- but actually succeeding at it, is a whole 'nother. Over the past 4 years- we've spent some time compiling a number of important points to consider when coming up with a proper marketing / customer acquisition process for you and your landscaping business.

Take Timing Into Account

When talking with landscaping business owners all over the country about their customer acquisition process, we often find that there isn't much room for flexibility as the demand for their services change. For most companies, especially those located in the northern half of the country- it wouldn't make much sense to run a Facebook Ad campaign in the non-busy season. They would be better off, instead, shutting down their Facebook Advertising campaign for the winter, and instead investing in SEO for a low monthly fee now, so they have massive amounts of traffic heading to their website come busy season.

Test, Test, and Test Again

Until you know how the market responds to your advertising, and even sales process- it's tough to say exactly how things will go. We always recommend split testing Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn advertisements, along with sales scripts and appointment setting techniques. You might also think that your marketing / sales process is completely dialed in, but you never know how much better things could be until you find out by testing a new and possibly improved version.

Do It Right the First Time

The number of people we come across on a weekly basis who tried to do their own advertising, but ended up wasting hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on something like Facebook Advertising is truly astounding. We always recommend at least taking some kind of professional course before running ads yourself, as a landscaping business owner.

If you're unable to find the time and energy to take something like an in-depth course on marketing and even sales for your landscaping business, be sure to get in touch regarding how the Golden Eye team has been helping landscapers in specific regarding their customer acquisition process- from digital marketing, to appointment setting and more over the past 4+ years. You can either fill out a contact form on our website, book an intro call at the following link (, or simply get in touch via any of our social media pages.

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