7 Reasons You Still Need a Web Designer

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

In our team’s recent searching of the keywords “need a website” on Twitter- (yes, we were manually searching for leads) we came across hundreds of people recently sharing an article entitled “7 Reasons You Don’t Need a Web Designer”.

Naturally, we didn’t take the time to read the article, nor do we need to in order to share this article. So, without further ado, we present to you “7 Reasons You Still Need a Web Designer".

Reason Number 1: Time is the Only Luxury

So we’re assuming the main argument made in the blog post was something along the lines of “look at Wix… look at Weebly… look at Shopify.. look at Squarespace etc.”

And while they’re right, and probably do have a point; they’ve forgotten to mention the fact that none of these platforms have gotten to a point of complete automation with supremely optimizing a website.

Now, that’s not to talk down on any of these platforms; as we use and highly benefit from all four. But there’s still A LOT of time needed for completely optimizing a website through any of these platforms; especially if you’ve never used them before.

It could quite honestly take months, weeks, and even years to fully understand any one of the platforms, and therefore fully optimize the site for growth, profits, and customer retention; and time is the only luxury we all have; so why spend years on something that would take an experienced web designer less than a week to create?

Reason Number 2: Avoiding Legal Kickback

One must also keep in mind, when deciding whether or not to have a DIY website, whether or not they know, or are prepared to learn (the hard way or easy way) about all the laws and regulations associated with owning a website.

There’s plenty of horror stories with people not knowing they couldn’t use a certain photo, not knowing they should have had a privacy policy, or even not knowing their blog post would bring with it a hefty lawsuit because they didn’t cite correctly.

Why not learn from someone else’s mistakes, rather than your own? And even better yet; why not just skip the learning process all together, and let someone who has already learned take care of it for you?

Reason Number 3: Everything That’s Popular is Wrong

Per my (hopefully soon to be) good friend Tim Ferriss, this one’s pretty self-explanatory. I tend to almost always go against the grain, and you as a business owner, an outlier, should probably tend to go against the grain as well.

History has shown, time and time again, that in order to stand out and win, we must find a way different than “the way”. No magic explanation; just a general rule of thumb here. And the "way" is starting to be along the lines of building and maintaining a website yourself.

Reason Number 4: Delegating is the Path To Freedom

Yet another gem from Mr. Ferriss, this one also ties in nicely to our discussion today. Are you sure you really want to be stuck behind a lap top, probably doing exactly the opposite of what you’re best at?

It really doesn’t seem like much in the beginning. I get it. But maintaining a website is a lot of work; if you want to do it the right way that is. From continuous blogging to adding backlinks over time, to updating all the listings with changed hours or holiday hours; a little can become a lot over time. And then you’re left with not much more than putting out a subpar image. Which is the opposite of what you were hoping for with a website.

Reason Number 5: So You Have a Website, So What?

A lot of people still have this notion that just getting a website up will get them traffic to their page and customers either purchasing product or coming into their physical location.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth, as there are approximately 1.75 billion websites online at the time of this blog post, according to Internet Live Stats.

From SEO to social media account creation and management, running ads and creating funnels, there’s a whole lot that goes into getting actual traffic to your website. And more often than not, connecting with a web design firm means making further connections with another firm such as an actual digital marketing strategy, as they’ll want some nice referral loot.

Reason Number 6: Ever Heard of Copywrite?

No, not the concept where certain pictures and videos are unusable because they’re not yours spelled wrong by mistake. We’re talking about how to keep people engaged; how to funnel them into actually buying your product or service.

There is an actual science to this, believe it or not. And a (good) web design firm will implement all this intriguing science for you, saving you a whole lot of time and money.

Reason Number 7: How About an Email List?

Last but not least, the infamous e-mail list. I’m sure you’ve heard of it and probably even fantasized about having one. But very few people actually understand the value of it, and how to start building it through their website.

E-mail marketing is still (believe it or not) the very best channel to spend marketing money on, in terms of ROI.

And some of the most knowledgeable, cost-effective professionals to talk to about this with would also be web designers. So to wrap things up, we hope you’ll either spread the word about this take on web design services, or even choose to work with us yourself; as there will never be a greater luxury than time... Take care for now.

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