5 Reasons to Choose SEO Over Google AdWords

When it comes to search engines, choosing the right optimization strategy for your business can significantly impact long-term success. The two main options (just in case you're not sure) for optimization are ultimately either Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Google AdWords.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collection of strategies used to increase the volume of qualified website visitors; via organically increasing rank in major search engine results for a particular set of keywords related to the website's content and business behind it.

Google AdWords, on the other hand, is an advert system that coheres with advertisers for their content to appear in Google search results. Google AdWords and SEO both provide the user with useful information in their search results, but here we’ll outline the five primary reasons we feel organic SEO is truly a better option than Google AdWords, in the long run.

Higher Quality Traffic

Google AdWords always put the advertiser’s aims in mind, ignoring the users’. This has been found to be fairly annoying, because of the interruptive ads that constantly pop up. With SEO, on the other hand, the process is a lot more customer-centric.

Search engines organically seek to provide helpful suggestions and resources, making relevant information easily accessible. SEO is outright convenient because it better attracts users seeking information related to your company’s products and services. This can make a huge impact on the company’s sales and leads.

SEO saves you money

Unlike in Google Ads, with SEO, you entirely don’t have to pay for listings. Search engines instead use an algorithm that suggests the best results for any particular query. Really all you need to do is to write high-quality content for your site that the search engine will find earnest of directing traffic to. And then maybe sprinkle in a high-quality back-linking strategy as well, to demonstrate authority to the search engines.

Furthermore, creating such good content and backlinks will require you to invest your time (if done individually) or money (if you hire a digital marketing professional), but is better compared to paying for every ad clicked from Google AdWords to visit a page.

SEO keeps you ahead of the competition

According to research, more than half of marketers have cultivating their SEO and online presence as a top priority as of recent. The majority of seasoned, major players in just about any industry have already established high rankings in search results, and will continue to make it a priority to do so.

So with your own SEO strategy, you have the capability of keeping up with them and ideally staying ahead of them in the competition ladder. But being at least in that conversation is a absolute must.

Higher Click-Through Rates than PPC

It has been estimated that as high as 75% of people now ignore paid search results, according to Junto Digital. This is simply a result of Google AdWords being overly-saturated, but this statistic should not be overlooked. This means there may even be a negative connotation associated with your brand, should you decide to advertise; as 3/4 of the population may be moving on in annoyance.

Perfectly works with PR and branding

You can also seamlessly merge SEO and PR marketing strategies to your liking in the long run. With an established PR strategy, you can both get notable influencers talking about your company, and enhance your SEO strategy at the same time. Getting featured in a highly respectable news publication will also conveniently create a high-quality backlink back to your website; telling Google you are also respected and should be ranked higher in results.

Just make sure your pages are optimized for SEO, as this highly valuable link could go to waste if they are not.

As you can see, SEO brings forth a myriad of benefits that ease your business’ profitability and potential customer conversion rates. Golden Eye Web Design is one of the leading companies that has helped multiple business develop their SEO practices, among other digital marketing services. Contact us today to learn more about how you can grow the traffic to your website organically and employ other SEO and marketing tactics to help it grow, increase conversion rates, and make higher profit margins. Get in touch today.

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