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Landscaping Employee Recruiting

Having a high-quality online presence, and high-quality leads rolling in is one thing. But being able to handle the new volume of work is another. As your landscaping business scales past 30, 40, and then $50k / mo in gross revenue; you will, sooner or later, need employees to help with the newly acquired business.

There's no I in team, and no one ever got to $600k in revenue per year with bad employees, or no employees for that matter. Having a solid, and consistent recruiting process in place for you and your business will be crucial in hitting your revenue goals in the coming months. 

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From in-depth quizzes, to being one of the most searched job sites in the world, Indeed is a great place to find and hire your ideal employees on autopilot. We'll make sure your ad runs as you envision it, and that you find your dream employee(s). 

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When most people think of Facebook Ads, they only think of it in a lead generation sense. Nevertheless, Facebook can still be an extremely powerful recruiting tool with its sophisticated targeting capabilities. 



For those who have a smaller budget, and don't mind waiting a few months for recruitment help, SEO may be the best route. You'll be able to attract job inquiries consistently through your website, without the need of maintaining expensive ads.  


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