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Here to Help Landscapers & Hardscapers Scale Past $50k/mo in Record Time.

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When it comes to scaling a landscape / hardscape business past $50k in gross revenue per month-

One thing we can all agree on is that it cannot be done alone. From dialing in the lead generation process, to recruiting effectively, and perfecting one's online presence- 

We understand there are many different boxes to check before we can get there.

Landscape / Hardscape Growth Solutions

Golden Eye Media

For the past 4+ years, Golden Eye Media has been working hand-in-hand with some of the top landscaping companies in the country, regarding growing their business to new heights never reached before in their town, city, and even state. 

If you are, in fact, a landscape or hardscape professional looking to scale your business past $50k / mo in record time- you've come to the right place. We'll start with an intro call- assessing where you are in regards to your ideal revenue, time, and energy goals for the business. It's one thing to make $50k / mo, but a whole 'nother to be in your ideal situation energy and time wise as a $50k/mo business owner.

Golden Eye Media

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From your website, to reviews, social media profiles and more, the online presence of your company plays a big role in reaching $50k/mo.

Through the power of Faceook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, LinkedIn Automation, and more- we're able to contractually guarantee a certain number of leads / mo.

Without the proper team in place, getting to $50k/mo is nearly impossible. Get in touch today to attract, and retain your ideal employees.

Having leads coming in is one thing- but actually converting those leads into paying customers is another. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Interested in 24/7 access to a team who knows the ins and outs of scaling landscaping businesses to $50k/mo? Ask us anything!

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A Quick Word


"Hello there! My name is Cory Utecht. Founder and Owner of GEM. 


With over 5+ years of experience in the digital world, and 4+ years of experience with the landscaping industry in particular, I'm truly confident in our ability to offer and deliver exceptional results for you and your landscape / hardscape business.


My team and I have worked with governmental departments, top-ranked photographers, mortgage corporations and more- but our specialization in servicing landscape / hardscape professionals comes from a passion of mine in helping the industry grow as a whole.


I worked as a team lead for a landscaping company here in Indiana for 2+ years, and have been servicing landscaping companies from a consulting and digital perspective for just as long as well. 


Serving you and your business would be a great honor of mine, and I truly look forward to doing just that. 


Get in touch today for your free strategy session!"

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What Customers Say


"Cory and the crew at Golden Eye did a great job on my website for a new project.. Highly recommend working with them if you need any digital marketing help 🔥"

—  Jace R. 

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